Never skied before? Learning how to ski with fun and action is not only for kids – but for adults alike. Advanced skier do not need to fear being bored. Our skiing instructors are licensed by the German skiing association as well as by the German skiing instructors association and are trained to help you on improving on your blind spots.

  • Course hours: 10:00 am - 12:30 am / 2,5hrs
  • Location: Postwiese, Winterberg Neuastenberg
  • Rate: € 40,- per person / day
  • Group lessons : from 4 pax
  • Skill level: beginner / advanced
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Safe, fast and easy learning

Beginners are guided in small groups by our instructors. During the first moments you start with your first moves in the snow, learn about the feeling of being bound to skis. Professionally supported you will soon find out about the tremendous feelings and emotions connected with skiing. Learn how to turn safely, how to stop and how to use the lift back uphill again. And of course learn how to ski with respect to other skiers on the slope.
The beginner area is marked-off and located besides the kids zone. 

Carving technique and skiing for advanced skiers

Being an advanced skier we show you how to improve on your existing skills. Learn how to “carve” through the snow by using various techniques when doing a turn to the left or right. Again, this is more fun being part of a group, therefore we prefer to offer group courses. However, if you feel that individual support is of more use, book a private lesson then. We will explore all areas of our little skiing resort, using all types of ski lifts available. 

Adult rates Ski School Neuastenberg

Group course - 2,5 hrs 1 day 2 days 3 days
Adult (beginner) € 40,- € 75,- € 105,-
Adult (advanced) € 40,- € 75,- € 105,-