DORINT hotels and resorts Neuastenberg is our partner for offering this service to you. The DORINT hotel Neuastenberg is running a children day nursery on the nearby hotel premesis.
Playing, doing handicrafts, tobogganing and lots of fun in the fresh air are only some of the highlights of the weekly changing programme for kids.

This is the right place for your kids when you are learning how to ski or snowboard with our licensed instructors. The DORINT hotel Neuastenberg is located close to the Postwiesen ski area and the ski school office booth, a walk of 3 minutes, no car is required! 

Please book a place for your child / children the day before until 13:00 hrs under +49 2981 897-0.

Dorint Hotel Winterberg

Contact details for the DORINT kids care

Dorint · Hotel & Sportresort · Winterberg/Sauerland
Dorfstr. 1 / Postwiese
59955 Winterberg

phone: +49 2981 897-0