Learn to ski at our Regenbogenland and ride the magic carpet! The kids skiing area is located close to the skiing school office booth, right at the top end of the Postwiese. Children aged 5 and up can join course daily. Skiing lessons are based on the kids on snow - concept provided by the German skiing instructors association (DSLV). SNUKI, our mascot, joins the kids throughout their day.

Our kids skiing area is called Rainbowland and supplied with a so called magic carpet, making it easy for the little skiers to go back up the hill again. Kids love that not only to go down the hill, but also moving up again without any effort and being ready for the next run!

Skiing lessons for kids start daily at 10:00 am, booking can also be done on a daily basis as from 09:00 am at the office booth located at the top end of Postwiese.

We are sorry a booking via phone is not possible, but you can book a lesson for your kids online at any time

  • Course hours: 10:00 am - 12:30 am / 2,5hrs
  • Location: Postwiese, Winterberg-Neuastenberg
  • Rate: € 40,- per kid and day
  • Skill: levels are beginner and advanced
  • Group course: minimum 4 pax
  • Age: minimum age is 5 and above
Online booking
Children learn to ski with the ski school Winterberg

Advanced skiers learn how to use the ski lift!

Those kids having successfully completed the exercises at our Regenbogenland are fit for using the ski lift to back up the hill. Due to the different levels of learning the groups and courses are arranged on a daily basis ensuring your kid will not be bored by waiting for others. Once the mastered the first lift ride they soon will be fit for using the big chair lift – what an adventure! With lots of fun and action the kids learn how to ski safely.
Our skiing instructors are obliged to follow the kids on snow concept with says that the focus in each group follows the slowest kid. However, if we see better possibilities for your kid to learn skiing with fun, we are happy to assign you child to another course.

The only fully licensed kids on snow ski school in the Sauerland!

Our skiing school was one of the first to be fully licensed by the German Skiing instructors association teaching skiing according to the kids on snow principles.
This is the daily guideline for our kids coaches.

Prices children - Skischool Winterberg - Neuastenberg

Group course - 2,5 hrs 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Kids Rainbowland (beginner) € 40,- € 75,- € 105,- € 135,- € 175,-
Kids ski lift (advanced) € 40,- € 75,- € 105,- € 135,- € 175,-

Our tip for a happy start as a skier

Do not put pressure on your child in learning how to ski! Private lessons for children under 12 are not recommended. The best way learning how to ski is by starting as part of a group of other children!