Elderly people are becoming more and more important as customers and surely want to enjoy winter sports and the wonders of winter nature as well. Therefore we want to offer to this group a special service in order to experience the magic of wintersport.

Snow-vital will inspire, thrill and delight, will open your mind for the beauty of winter and the ease of moving on the snow. Vital means also vivid and creative. More and more people aged 50 and above want to be active and are looking for adequate winter outdoor sports. Therefore the German Skiing instructors association started a new initiative to bring skiing and snowboarding to these people and to vice versa.

The snow, floating on the snow with ease, experience the working forces – no longer privileges for younger generations. “Snow-vital” is your access to this sphere as well when aged 50 and above.

  • Course hours: 10:00 am - 12:30 am / 2,5hrs
  • Location: Postwiese, Winterberg-Neuastenberg
  • Rate: € 40,- per person / day
  • Skill level: beginners, advanced, returner
  • Group courses: min. 4 pax
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SchneeVital, Senioren Skifahren in der Skischule Neuastenberg

Snow-vital – the new swing for your winter outdoor life.

Skiing the slopes with ease – your comeback to winter sport. Each winter you may look with envy at those skiing the wildest trails, the steepest slopes. Not too long ago that you did so as well and pretty good. So you want to try again? Don’t be afraid of trying and of not being fast enough for the others.
No matter wether you want to start right from the beginning or this is your comeback. With our special courses “snow-vital” we have the right approach for your next step.

Rates Snow-vital – ski school Neuastenberg

Courses for elderly people / Snow-vital Group course
Snow-vital (per person) € 40,-